About Gene Moroz

I’m Gene Moroz, thats Gene- short for dashing and handsome, and Moroz-short for man with incredible taste! Welcome to my coffee blog!

During my time at UCLA I had the chance to study business,  learn about photography, and yes- drink lots and lots of coffee. Unfortunately, almost all of it was Starbucks (Not to hate, it is always there when you need it, but I yearn for more!)

Now that my circle is a little larger than the university campus, I want to branch out and try as many different varieties of coffee as I can find. I want to press it, drip it and percolate it. From comparing the quality of easily accessible store bought grounds to deciding which independent cafe serves the best espresso, I want to bring my love of coffee to the world with my words and my wits.

The perfect brew is out there, but it definitely won’t be served in a paper cup for $2.10.

-Gene Moroz